Phalaborwa Merchants

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    Barber Shop

    Munaf has been cutting hair and supplying a service to gentleman in the Phalaborwa district for many years!Stop by his shop for a fast, excellent and clean experiance!
    Contact us on 0628960109Offer: 10% Discount 

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    The Bus Stop

    The coffee shop sells the best small meals with the best coffee in town. Also visit our gift shop, wool section and Deli. Bubble Ice Tea in various flavours now also available for takeawayGifts, Deli, Jams, Homemade Pies, Bubble Tea, Pre cooked meals, Desserts, Wool, Yarn, Beads
    Contact us on 084 444 5225Offer: 10% Discount 

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    The Gift Basket

    he Gift Basket is Phalaborwa's own Crafters and Home Bake shop. With a Coffee shop included - we want to bring back the live and warmth of the community to Phalaborwa. The Gift basket will be run as a non-profit organisation.
    Contact us on 073 339 0260Offer: 10% Discount