Why should you join Pando?


What is Pando?

Pando is a network marketing company with a difference. We are focused on marketing local businesses that you use on a regular basis. Participating Merchants offer generous discounts and special offers to Pando members.


Why should I sign up my business?

Your business would benefit in two major ways. Firstly you receive marketing through several social media platforms, as well as the Marketing Website. Secondly Pando members would prefer to use businesses where they would receive a saving, wouldn't you? 


How do I earn through Pando?

By sharing with family and friends. Once you have signed up as a member, you can build a network under yourself and start earning. You also receive a R60 Sign-Up bonus when you help someone sign up! So you can Save and Earn at the same time.


Could my business also save and earn?

Yes! You can combine your Merchant and your Membership. You would still receive the same Marketing, but you can also save and build a network. This way you are strengthening your business and your own passive income.
Take that first step today.


Who can sign up for Pando?

Literally anyone! All you need is a bank account for the R60 payment. Complete the form in the Sign up Section, send it back to az.oc.sdrawerodnap%40nimda with a copy of your ID and our team will contact you. You can sign up, your grandma can sign up, and your gardener can sign up. Sign up today and start saving and earning.